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Du Soliel Ornament

Du Soliel Ornament


Juliette's Favorite


Inspired by the Gilded Age of  Hand Decoration, we use Gold and Copper Leaf over Gold Metallic Paint, aged and storied to reflect the Solstice and Celestrial Seasons.


Handmade Ornament Exclusive Holiday Collection to Dream, Collect and Enjoy!


Each face is individually handpainted and gilded in gold and copper leaf. No two Ornaments are exactly alike.


    H 8 W 8 1/2 Inches (approx)


    Bonjour!  Each Ornament in our Collection is individually handmade and handpainted.  Designed to reflect its own character and style, with natural variations of a handmade product.

    We use sustainable woods, combinations of fine handmade papers from my travels, metal leaf, acrylic and metallic paints, glitter and abit of whimsy.


    Wipe Clean, Do not immerse in water,  Merci.

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