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Our products come from the imagination of Julie Huber, a renowned product designer for home and table.  Juliette's world is fanciful and beautiful and every item has a story.  Most pieces are derived from the original art work of the designer.

She transforms these items into various decorations for your enjoyment.  

In addition, Juliette applies the techniques of her studio to other decorative objects using her love of fine paper, antiquities, curiosities, nature, and plants.

About Our Leather


In addition to her own products, Juliette carefully chooses a select number of small batch and artisanal products produced by others, based on her taste and her many years in the design world.

We hope this combination of products from our studio and those curated makes Bonjour Juliette a shopping experience that will make you return again and again.


Each time you return, expect to find new products for you to enjoy. 


Each item produced in our studio is handmade and using traditional techniques such as decoupage and hand painting.  Our products are designed to bring you many years of enjoyment.


Many products are garnished with metal leaf, vintage brass banding, hand wired vintage jewelry restoried, and other decorative materials and techniques.

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