Du Jardin's XL Utility Soap - Green

Du Jardin's XL Utility Soap - Green


Du Jardin's FRENCH UTILITY SOAP features the addition of green French-Clay, giving it a gorgeous, tonal pale green color & increased cleansing efficacy, while remaining mild & gentle. The soap is hand-crafted & small-batch produced, with a lengthy cure-time.  The soap is 100% natural & chemical free, so it is safe to use in streams or lakes when camping.


It can be used for EVERYTHING! Keep a cube next to your sink to wash your dishes [simply wet a dish-brush & rub in a circular motion on top of the block to load it,] or grate it to use in the laundry! An amazing hand soap, it is equally fabulous as a full body cleanser in the shower. 


Large cube is approximately 13-15 ounces; about 3 inch cube.


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